Always remember that your Dzigner Door will be with you for a very long time and we advise that you make sure that the purchase is from a reputable company that guarantees after sales service.
It is advisable to get Dzigner Doors to regularly (every 18 months) to service your doors and retention springs. And a major service is advisable 5 years after installation.

Dzigner Doors are not only extremely attractive, safe and convenient, they are highly durable as well. Covered in a low maintenance, brush-on application, these doors cope very well in adverse weather conditions of hot and cold extremes. This is available from Dzigner Doors or any reputable hardware store, when it becomes necessary to maintain your door.

Service Indicators
  • The door does not operate freely.
  • The door is noisy.
  • The door does not sit square in the opening.
  • The lock does not operate properly. (manual)
  • The Door does not stay up in the open position, it drops down on it’s own. (manual)
  • The door is heavy to lift manually.
  • The motor is noisy in operation.
  • The motor runs but does not lift up the door.
The Door
  • Regularly treat your door panels with the prescribed wax based oil according to instructions found on the inside of the door
  • The metal operating parts, i.e. springs, rollers, hinges and cables, must be lubricated once every six months.
  • Allow Dzigner Services to carry out a professional mini service on your door at least every 18 months. Keeping the springs at the correct tension will extend the lifespan of the door.
  • A major service should be done by Dzigner Services after approximately 3-5 years to replace all the metal working parts, i.e. springs, cable, pulleys, etc.
Remember - there is nothing worse than to be stuck inside or outside your garage!
  • Ensure that you know how to disengage and re-engage the motor when a power failure occurs.
  • Twice a year clean and lubricate the shaft of the motor with the recommended aircraft grease.
  • It is advisable to fit a “lightning and voltage surge protection kit” to plug the motor into to protect the P.C. board.
  • When in doubt call Dzigner Services and we will help out.
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