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Garage Door AutomationThe Digi motor , is a locally manufactured motor that is worm driven. In operation ,assisted by the spring system, it pulls the various sections of the door up and over head on the tracking mechanism.
In the event of a power failure, the automatic system can be manually overridden so that you are able to open the door from inside the garage.( If there is no side entrance, then the same can be achieved from the outside, using an “Emergency Key Release” system) This optional extra is highly convenient and has an in-built obstruction sensor. This in-built safety feature means that in the event of the door encountering an obstruction it will stop and then return to the open position. (For extra precaution, an infra-red beam system is available)
The Digi motor can be effectively used in both sectional overhead and tip-up door applications although the safety reverse feature operates best with the sectional overhead door.
For convenience and security reasons take advantage of a remote control system which can be applied to all Dzigner Doors' garage doors so that you can open your garage door from within your car at the push of a button. The operation of the remote control system can be learnt in a matter of minutes; the radio controls on the remote control panel allow you to set your own personal code which can be changed whenever you want.
The Digi-key Remote   The Digi-Door garage door motor.
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