Dzigner Doors only uses the highest quality imported and domestic timbers in the manufacture of its garage doors. So when selecting your door you can be assured you are getting the highest grade Kiaat , Meranti or Saligna garage door.These doors are available for standard double and single garage openings in the following designs.
Double Doors   Single Doors
40 Panel
20 Panel
20 Panel
10 Panel
**Please note the Kiaat door is NOT available in horizontal slats.   **Please note the Kiaat door is NOT available in horizontal slats.
Indigenous to Southern Africa, the heartwood is reddish brown to dark brown and has an attractive appearance as a result of golden and darker figuring.
The grain is interwoven and seldom straight. The texture is coarse and uneven.
Imported from Indonesia and Malaysia, the sapwood is light coloured and clearly distinguishable from the pinkish heartwood.
Plained surfaces have a luster and the radial surface has a striped figure.
The texture is fairly coarse but even and the grain is interwoven and wavy.
Indigenous to Eastern Australia, the colour varies from almost white in young trees to dark red in older trees.
The normal colour is light rose but darkens to a beautiful reddish brown after an oil treatment. The texture is smooth and the grain is straight.
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